Glenburgie 1995 Archives (BTC 2017 #07)


Glenburgie has been gaining a bit of a following lately and I’ve been on the lookout for some bottlings to try. This particular one was bottled by as part of their ‘Archives’ label (the one with the fish). I missed the boat when it was released and it was on my bucket list for some time. I unfortunately got no points for this one, underguessing the age and ABV by quite a bit.

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Two Cadenhead Glens from Glenlivet which aren’t The Glenlivet

So after quite a long break our local whisky club, Malt Mongers Israel (MMI), met up to try some more fine whisky. The theme this time was Cadenhead, the independent bottler owned by the same bunch of people as Springbank.

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