Malt Mongers Israel Douglas Laing Evening


Our whisky club, Malt Mongers Israel, usually takes a break in August, but we had a special ad hoc meeting this month and with good reason. Independent bottlings are making a return to our shelves! Sipil, a local online store and importer which is very familiar to all the hardcore whisky geeks here, has begun importing Douglas Laing’s range.

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Mortlach 22 Silver Seal


Tasted in the VIP area at Whisky Live Tel Aviv 2016

A while back I posted notes from a Mortlach bottled by Cooper’s Choice that had been bourbon cask matured. Mortlach is usually sherry matured, and it’s a big beefy malt so I found the light fruity effects of the bourbon cask quite odd. Needless to say it grew on me though.

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