Douglas Laing Tasting with Fred Laing


Fred Laing doing his thing.

Sorry about the delay since my last post. I was on holiday in Italy but am back and well rested. Very shortly before I left, to the point that I didn’t have time to write this up, I was invited to a very special tasting event. I recently posted about and evening that our whisky club, MMI had in conjunction with Sipil, a local importer and online retailer, who have recently begun to import Douglas Laing products to Israel, currently the only independent bottler on the market.

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Douglas Laing Regional Malts Tasting


This past week I took myself to a tasting of several Douglas Laing bottlings (and a Glen Scotia), at Wine & Flavours in Ramat Gan. The tasting was very well hosted by Assaf, a very active figure in the local whisky community and fellow Malt Mongers Israel member. As I mentioned in my review of Big Peat, Douglas Laing released the said blended malt to represent the character of Islay. Due to the success of Big Peat this was expanded to a range of blended malts each representing a specific Scotch whisky region.

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