Inchmurrin 12 and Inchmoan 12


Thanks to Yoav of for the sample of the Inchmoan 12

I’ve mentioned Loch Lomond distillery before from a tasting I attended a little under 2 years ago but it warrants mentioning again. It’s probably one of the most interesting distilleries in Scotland. Aside from functioning as both a grain and a malt distillery, with traditional column and pot stills, they have a 3rd set of stills which are a bit of a hybrid.

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2 Abominations Side-By-Side


I don’t even know how the hell to classify these. They’re whiskies by broad definition, out of a Californian distillery called Lost Spirits Distillery, known for distilling rums and malts, but these two whiskies were not distilled there, they were distilled on Islay, in Scotland. But that’s the less confusing part. The real kicker comes with the maturation.

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Golan Heights Distillery 2014 Single Malt

IMG_20170923_143729 1

This is a very exciting time for whisky lovers here in Israel. A few local distilleries have opened up and over the course of a few months their single malt spirits have finally matured for a full 3 years. While there is no law in Israel regarding the minimum age for a single malt, the distillers have all agreed among themselves to stick to the Scottish minimum.

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Glen Garioch 1978

IMG_20170923_001151 1

A while back a fellow Israeli whisky fiend and blogger, Michael (found over at, asked if I wanted in on a bottle share of a very special Glen Garioch. Now aside from the bottle just sounding really enticing, I could see how excited Michael was about it, and he is the biggest Glen Garioch fanboy I’ve ever met, so this had to be something special.

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Ledaig 2005 Signatory Vintage


Thanks to /u/Dramboy for the sample via /r/ScotchSwap on reddit.

Always happy to try some Ledaig. It’s real wonder whisky, very versatile. This is one of several sherry matured 10-11 year old bottlings done by Signatory Vintage which popped up on the market recently. They were a little out of my comfort zone where I’d buy without trying so I never got a bottle but was left curious. Thankfully /u/dramboy was willing to share some with me.

Aged 11 years. 58% ABV. Matured in a 1st fill sherry butt. No colourant added, non-chill filtered and bottled at cask strength from cask 900160.

Nose: Light funk. Ash. Gasoline. Pencil erasers. Nutmeg. Cherry jam. Currants. Toasted wood. Dark maple syrup. Candy apple.

Palate: Quite sharp. Red apple. Tart strawberries. Leather. Coal dust. Medicinal. Smoked red fruits.

Finish: Long. Slightly coppey. Bitter wood. Rubber. Cooking oil. Cherry menthol lozenges.

Would I buy this: Yes

Would I order this in a bar: Yes

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes

VFM: 3/5

This is really a top quality cask. Ledaig is very good at most stages of maturation but the combination of young, peaty character of the still very active spirit and full, thick sherry is really quite stellar here in particular.

Laphroaig 16 Cadenhead’s Authentic Collection

IMG_20170915_171120 1

Thanks to /u/buddy_dosser for the sample via /r/ScotchSwap on reddit

This is a sample from a swap we did quite some time ago, unfortunately Summer hit pretty hard and I just couldn’t enjoy a Laphroaig properly in such hot weather. Fortunately it’s cooled down a bit (at least in the evening) so I finally popped this open.

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Douglas Laing Tasting with Fred Laing


Fred Laing doing his thing.

Sorry about the delay since my last post. I was on holiday in Italy but am back and well rested. Very shortly before I left, to the point that I didn’t have time to write this up, I was invited to a very special tasting event. I recently posted about and evening that our whisky club, MMI had in conjunction with Sipil, a local importer and online retailer, who have recently begun to import Douglas Laing products to Israel, currently the only independent bottler on the market.

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Compagnie Des Indes Belize BL25


This is a rum distilled at Travelers distillery in Belize and bottled by a French independent bottler of rums. I was not aware of Travelers before trying some at a recent rum club meetup where we sampled quite a few offerings from Compagnie Des Indes including a sister cask to this one bottled at cask strength which I really liked. So in adding some rums to my collection I decided to try this one which is the lower strength version.

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Malt Mongers Israel Douglas Laing Evening


Our whisky club, Malt Mongers Israel, usually takes a break in August, but we had a special ad hoc meeting this month and with good reason. Independent bottlings are making a return to our shelves! Sipil, a local online store and importer which is very familiar to all the hardcore whisky geeks here, has begun importing Douglas Laing’s range.

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