Glenfiddich 14 Bourbon Barrel Reserve


Thanks to /u/unbreakablesausage from reddit for the sample.

This is one I’ve wanted to try for some time. A few years back I got a a bottle of Glenfiddich 14 Rich Oak, aged in virgin oak casks. I thought it was a gimmicky bottle but ended up being my favourite standard release from the distillery. This one was released for the American market and was aged in first fill bourbon instead of virgin oak and I’ve been curious as to how it stacks up against the other 14 year old.

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Springbank 14 Bourbon Wood – BTC #06


Forgot a picture this time. This one is from

Will this is a pleasant surprise, my first direct hit of the BTC. This is a special release from Springbank from a few months back which I missed, and didn’t really get to try, but I recognised a certain funkiness which immediately rang some Springbank bells. Later on I picked up some sweet lactic notes though which kind of led me to thinking it was a weird Port Charlotte bottling, luckily after consulting with my friend Yoav from, whos’s also participating, I changed my guess back to this at the last minute.

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Longrow 2001 Springbank Society

IMG_20170616_112044Thanks to /u/buddy_dosser for the sample via /r/Scotchswap on reddit.

Been a while since my last update, unfortunately things have been quite busy so I haven’t really had much time so really sit down and enjoy some of the whiskies I’ve been meaning to try. Now that I have some time I was really excited to sit down with this one.

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Whiskybase 2002 Single Malt Irish Whiskey


It’s been a while since I’ve tried an Irish whiskey. I really have nothing against it, and there are some exciting things happening in that section of the industry, but there isn’t a lot of the really good stuff readily available here and I usually have stuff that’s much higher up on my list of priorities when I get bottles from overseas.

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Balvenie 14 Caribbean Cask


Originally reviewed on reddit: 26/03/15

This is one of the core expressions from the Balvenie stable so-called because it had was finished in rum casks. Rum is an interesting and varied spirit itself so the effects on whisky can be quite different depending on where it’s from. That said I’m always interested to see what it does and was really excited to try it at last year’s Whisky Live.

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SMWS 29.161 – A Bodega is Burning (14 year old Laphroaig)


Originally reviewed on reddit: 14/01/16

I said I’d be doing this a while back but got sidetracked. I have reviewed a few SMWS Laphroaig in the past and want to put those reviews on here. The SMWS Laphroaig bottlings are simply fantastic and this one was particularly good.

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Arran 14


Originally reviewed on reddit: 09/06/15

The Arran Malt is produced by the only distillery on the Isle of Arran. It’s a relative newcomer, opened in 1995, which I think has worked out well for them. 1995 was just before the current whisky boom which began in the mid to late 2000’s so their malt became available just as people started to become interested in more varied types of whisky, craft presentation (uncoloured and un-chill filtered) and so forth. And they have really adapted well to that market.

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Malt Mongers Israel Laphroaig Night


I’ve been building up to this by posting all of my previous Laphroaig tasting notes (minus a few SMWS bottlings which I’ll post over the weekend). This past Wednesday night our whisky club, Malt Mongers Israel (MMI) met up again at the Milk & Honey Distillery. This time we got to sample some fine offerings from Laphroaig, minus some of the members who were lucky enough to be travelling to Islay for the Feis Ile. Aside from the fine whiskies on offer we also got to have an online Q&A session with John Campbell, Laphroaig’s distillery manager which some of the club members kindly organised. I’m sorry that I can’t share any of the questions and answers, but it happened while we were on the 16 and I was just too busy huffing its fumes to take down what JC was saying.

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Oban 14


Originally reviewed on reddit on 25/02/15

Oban is one of the less common Diageo malts. A highland distillery from the coastal town of Oban, and one of the smaller distilleries in Scotland. I didn’t know anything about Oban other than having seen it a few times in the duty free shop in Johannesburg and wondering if it was worth buying, but I never got round to it.

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