Oishii Wisukii Batch #2 at the Highlander Inn



Last weekend I hopped down to Speyside with fellow whisky Redditors u/unclebarldric and u/gregbenson314 .I didn’t take half as many notes as I intended and we got to try some really fantastic whiskies, so that is most unfortunate, but it was a fantastic trip, we saw some very famous distilleries and whisky bars (and some less famous ones) and Speyside is just a beautiful area to be in.

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Nomad Outland Whisky


I bought this bottle on a whim a few years ago when it came out and just never got round to opening it. It’s NAS so obviously comes with a story but in this case quite a unique one. This is a sherry matured blend crafted by Whyte & Mackay’s Richard Patterson which has been aged in Scotland and then finished for a year in PX casks in Spain by González Byass, a well known sherry producer.

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Three Ships 15 Pinotage Cask Finish


In case you haven’t noticed by some of my more recent posts, I have been very excited about what Andy Watts & Co.have been up to at James Sedgewick distillery as of late. One of the things I was most excited about was this glorious creation. At 15 years it’s the oldest South African whisky released to date. But what makes it even more special is the finish.

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Islay Mist 17


Islay Mist is a blend bottled by MacDuff International. It it supposed to be based on a blend made for the 21st birthday of the Lord of Margadale in 1920, the idea being to cut the local favourite Laphroaig with some milder mainland and grain whiskies for something less intense. According to the packaging this is still a Laphroaig dirven blend.

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Black & White Old Bottling


Black & White is an old time blend that was once a lot more popular. It has since been regulated to the bottom shelf, but used to be quite well liked. According to the internet the original concept behind the blend was to use higher quality grain whisky to make a better whisky. I don’t know if this concept is still applied but it’s a nice bit of trivia.

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