Malt Mongers Israel Douglas Laing Evening


Our whisky club, Malt Mongers Israel, usually takes a break in August, but we had a special ad hoc meeting this month and with good reason. Independent bottlings are making a return to our shelves! Sipil, a local online store and importer which is very familiar to all the hardcore whisky geeks here, has begun importing Douglas Laing’s range.

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Two Elements of Islay


This week our local whisky club, Malt Mongers Israel got together for our monthly meeting. The theme this time was Elements of Islay, a series of “undisclosed” single malts from Islay put out by independent bottler Specialty Drinks. They’re modeled after elements of the periodic table with each element’s symbol hinting at the source of the whisky inside. If one goes over to their website they usually provide more information about each bottle to varying degrees.

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Bunnahabhain 8 G&M The Macphail’s Collection


This is a peated malt from one of my favourite distilleries. While the majority of their output is unpeated spirit they put out some really nice peated whiskies as well. This one was bottled by independent bottler Gordon & Macphail as part of their “Macphail’s Collection” range, which largely consists of younger, budget friendly single malts.

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Bunnahabhain Mòine Oloroso


This is a lovely little thing that popped up on the radar recently. It’s a limited edition distillery bottling of Bunnahabhain that’s a vatting of 7 oloroso sherry casks. Bunnahabhain is generally amazing with sherry, even at a young age. Over and above that, it’s peated. No age statement, but at slightly over 60% ABV this should have some serious oomph to it.

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Bunnahabhain 1999 bottled by Cadenhead


This is a bottling of Bunnahabhain from Cadenhead. It was aged for 16 years, the last 3 of which were in a sherry hogshead. We actually tried this at our last Malt Mongers Israel meetup which was focused on Bunnahabhain IB’s. I’ve stopped taking notes at those because I felt like it was taking up too much of the time there that should be spent enjoying good whisky with friends. Luckily I also had a part in a shared purchase of a bottle of this one so I got some notes for it.

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Bunnahabhain Moine 2008 The Ultimate


Sample from /u/Bieliebielie via /r/ScotchSwap on reddit.

It’s no secret that I young the young, aggressive peated whiskies and one of the whiskies that is consistently good without much maturation is Bunnahabhain’s Moine (Gaelic for peat, it’s what they call their peated malt, fair enough).  This one was aged for a few years in a refill hogshead (note the gloriously pale colour), so we’re really just getting the raw spirit. It was bottled as part of the “The Ultimate” series by Dutch independent bottler van Wees.

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My Islay Trip Part 6 – Bunnahabhain & Caol Ila

Bunnahabhain and Caol Ila are probably the most difficult distilleries to get to on Islay, especially without a car. But Bunnahabhain is one of my absolute favourites and Caol Ila was in the area, and I’m quite partial to it. Caol Ila is doable with public transport as it’s only about a 15 minute walk from the main road where one of the bus lines goes, but Bunnahabhain is quite remote. So I booked a taxi for the trips I needed that day. I used Islay Taxis for all my taxi rides, and they were superb. The taxis were cheaper than I thought and I just ran a tab and paid for everything at the end of my trip.

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My Islay Trip Part 1 – A stopover in Glasgow and a tasting at the Bon Accord


I just recently returned from a trip to the beautiful island of Islay. Islay is a little green island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland, and is most well known for being home to 8 whisky distilleries who make some damn fine stuff.

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