Brora 37


Apologies for the absence. I had a very busy month with my wedding at the end of it. Hopefully now things are settled down and I can carry on sharing my whisky notes.

I really love Brora, a lot so when a stand at Whisky Live Tel Aviv was selling this off at by the glass, I had to have some.  A lot of closed distilleries have a cheaper contemporary parallel with a similar profile, but Brora is just totally unique to me.

Aged 37 years. 50.4% ABV. No colourant added, non-chill filtered and bottled at batch strength

Nose: Burned straw. Honey. Tobaccos. Red fruits. Smoked salmon. Caramel pudding. Wood spice. Cedar oil. Eucalyptus.


Palate: Leather. Wet stone. Burned grass. Slight farminess. Smoke. Wood oils . oil fire. Hard cider. Candy apple.


Finish: Long. Warm cider. Unlit tobacco. Lots of Wood spice. Slight liquorice.

Would I buy this: If I had the money to burn

Would I order this in a bar: Yes

Would I drink this if someone gave me a glass: Yes


As always a truly unique dram. The light peat mixes so well with the fruity distillate and wood influence. Delicious.



Old Old Pulteney 17


One of the more interesting stands at Whisky Live Tel Aviv last week wasn’t an importer or a distillery, it was a for a local group organised by some whisky fans to try and increase give a little boost to the increasing interest in quality spirits. The guys behind the group had brought some interesting and unique whiskies from their personal collections to show people what good whisky can be and what it has to offer. One of those whiskies was this older version of Old Pulteney 17 (from the late 2000’s/early 2010’s), which is probably my favourite of their standard range, or was since it’s been discontinued :(.  I’m not sure if the recipe changed when they changed to the most recent label design but I know at some point they stopped using PX in the mix of sherry casks, this one should still have that.

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Clynelish 1995 Signatory Vintage

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-16 at 19.14.59Thanks to Yosi for the sample (and the image)

I sometimes regret how little love I give to Clynelish, for years my favourite distillery, still is I’ve just added several others to the list as well. This is one of many many bottles of mid to late 90’s distillate put out by Signatory as part of their Cask Strength Collection. It’s one of the independent bottling labels I really feel confident when trying as they’re almost always fantastic and when they’re not they’re still pretty damn good.

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More Douglas Laing with Malt Mongers Israel


Once again our whisky club, Malt Mongers Israel (MMI), met up to try some more whisky, because there sure it a lot of it to try. And once again we tried some Douglas Laing bottlings. DL’s importer here in Israel, SIPIL, has brought in some more bottlings and let us have a preview of them.

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Old Pulteney 2006 Hand-bottled – BTC 2017 #15


Old Pulteney would not be something I’d expect in a blind tasting competition, most malt-heads are very familiar with the distillery bottlings (the ones worth drinking anyway) and independent bottlings are few and far between, so this was a complete surprise. Another bottle only available at the distillery, not only younger than all of their age stated expressions, but at cask strength too. I went with a young independent Clynelish bottling as it had some of the lighter notes one finds in Clynelish and I could tell this was very active stuff.

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Glenturret 12 Single Cask Edition – BTC 2017 #12


Another unfamiliar whisky tonight, from Glenturret distillery in the highlands. Aside from being a lesser known distillery they do peat their malt a little which was also confusing. That’s why for my guess I went with an older Glen Garioch (then changed my mind to a younger Glen Garioch but that’s what put Glen Garioch in my head in the 1st place) which at least netted me some points for the right region.

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Deanston 8 Red Wine Cask Handfilled (BTC 2017 #08)


Right off the bat I could tell that this was a weird one. I was picking up some very strange notes and even after sitting on it a bit I wasn’t sure if it was a very young sherry matured whisky with some PX in the picture, or something matured in a red wine cask. I went with the red wine cask, but sadly no points are allocated for guessing the cask type, or the parent company, because I went with an 8-year-old wine cask matured Bunnahabhain, incidentally owned by the same company that owns Deanston. At least I got some age points.  Continue reading “Deanston 8 Red Wine Cask Handfilled (BTC 2017 #08)”

Ballechin 2004 Manzanilla Sherry Cask – BTC #04


I’ve skipped whisky #3 from the BTC because it was the Benromach Single Cask bottling for, something I’ve reviewed before and have an open bottle of at home, slightly embarrassing considering my guess was pretty far off. On to this one. I raved recently about a port cask matured Ballechin I got hold of and how I’m really taking a liking to the whisky despite not really being a fan of their unpeated label, Edradour, named for the distillery itself.

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Wolfburn No. 128 – BTC #02



Whisky number 2 of the 2017 BTC. This is a small batch offering from Wolfburn, a relatively new distillery who only started releasing 3 year old whiskies a couple of years ago, and who took the title of northernmost mainland distillery from Old Pulteney. Again I my guess was a bit far off, in this case because I’ve only tried Wolfburn’s initial offering before this. This is from batch no. 128 (duh) and was interestingly enough matured in half-sized bourbon barrels and was Wolfburn’s first peated malt (they previously just used peated casks).

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Ballechin SFTC 13yo Port Cask Matured


One of the whiskies that I cannot bring myself to like, try as I might, is Edradour. I have heard of good ones but have yet to try one myself. Edradour is owned by the renowned independent bottler, Signatory Vintage and is a very small (before Kilchoman the smallest) distillery in the Southern Highlands and are known for a very wide variety of cask finished and maturations.

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