Invergordon 43 bottled for Wijnhandel van Zuylen


This one was on the table at a recent meetup of our whisky Club, Malt Mongers Israel, which was centred around Scottish grain whiskies. Invergordon is probably one of the most commonly found grain whiskies which can be found bottled as such and can really yield quite impressive results with good ageing. This one was an exclusive bottling for Wijnhandel van Zuylen, a well renowned Dutch spirits retailer by Whiskybroker.

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Invergordon 1972 Whiskybase Bottling


The older you get, the harder it becomes to enjoy whisky that is older than you are. I actually prefer whiskies in the 14-16 year age bracket, I don’t like the domineering wood notes in very old whiskies (of course there are exceptions), but there is something intriguing about drinking a spirit that was distilled before you were born and sat in casks as all that time passed it by.

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